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News from ISO

The ISO/IEC’s service management system series gets an upgrade with key standards newly revised

18. September 2018 - 10:50
Improving customer service, productivity and efficiency are just a few of the many benefits of a service management system. ISO has updated two standards in its service management series, with new features,...

How Hilton is going green

11. September 2018 - 11:47
Energy spend is a hotel’s second-highest operating cost. Hilton has achieved significant energy reductions through low-cost, high-impact steps, and a portfolio-wide certification to ISO 50001.

Our common roadmap

11. September 2018 - 11:46
Nearly three years after the official launch of the post-2015 agenda, which plots the path for a better world by 2030, people are still grappling with how to make the ambitious Sustainable Development...

Redefining the city landscape

11. September 2018 - 11:46
Imagine your favourite city. Now imagine the same city with more people. Lots and lots more people! A United Nations study predicts that global urban population will increase from 3.9 billion in 2015 to...

Raising the bar on sustainable consumption

11. September 2018 - 11:46
Companies are in the business of selling products and consumers of those products want the best possible value for money, but this puts a strain on already depleted natural resources and supply chain transparency....

Latest ISOfocus maps global goals for sustainable development

11. September 2018 - 11:46
“As an independent, non-governmental organization, ISO plays a key role in defining standards that will help support innovation. This is fundamental in accelerating results,” says Michael Møller, Director-General...

New International Standard for determining infant formula ingredients just published

5. September 2018 - 12:00
Infant formula is perhaps one of the most highly regulated foodstuffs in the world, so checking the exact composition is a rigorous affair. ISO is developing a series of standards for verifying many of...

FDA plans to use ISO 13485 for medical devices regulation

3. September 2018 - 11:54
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the government department that regulates the medical devices sector, announced its intention to use ISO 13485 as the basis for its quality system legislation.

New International Standard for traditional Chinese medicine just published

29. August 2018 - 12:19
Moxibustion is a form of acupuncture that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine by doctors and therapists for thousands of years, and its usage is increasing worldwide. To ensure the safety and...

FDA plans to use ISO 13485 for medical devices regulation

27. August 2018 - 13:32
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the government department that regulates the medical devices sector, announced its intention to use ISO 13485 as the basis for its quality system legislation.

Reducing carbon footprint made easier with new International Standard

22. August 2018 - 15:20
We are all suffocating in the heat of global warming, as the recent European heatwave lays testament to – and it may soon become the norm. A study showed that if greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise...

ISO 50001 for energy management gets a boost

21. August 2018 - 9:18
Reducing energy consumption and improving energy efficiency are at the forefront of the global climate change agenda. ISO 50001, the flagship International Standard for improving energy performance, has...

Ready for lift-off: first international guidelines for small spacecraft just published

16. August 2018 - 9:17
Space is all the rage, so it seems. The number of small spacecraft – including satellites – being manufactured has rocketed in recent years, and future forecasts are equally explosive. The first-ever internationally...

Fresh changes in the pipeline

10. August 2018 - 19:51
Ageing wastewater systems are under threat from growing populations, urbanization, pollution and climate change, not to mention human behaviour. However, despite these challenges and fears for health and...

You’re hired! Finding the best for the job with new ISO guidelines

9. August 2018 - 9:12
An organization’s greatest asset is its employees, but the impact that new recruits have on a company’s success is sometimes less clear. Or is it? New international guidelines have just been published...

New draft of ISO 50001 energy management standard

8. August 2018 - 20:33
Since 2011, organizations have been able to follow a systematic approach in achieving continual improvement of energy performance, including energy efficiency, energy use and consumption, thanks to ISO...

ISO publishes powerful new tool to combat bribery

8. August 2018 - 20:24
A new business tool designed to fight bribery is now published. ISO 37001 is the first international anti-bribery management system standard designed to help organizations combat bribery risk in their...

Anchors away: ISO guidelines for lifeboat safety just updated

3. August 2018 - 12:32
With more people heading out to sea over summer, safety onboard – and overboard – is under the spotlight. International guidelines for the effectiveness of sea anchors for rescue boats have just been updated.

Improving customer satisfaction with updated ISO series of standards

25. July 2018 - 9:45
We all know that retaining loyal, happy customers is the key to any successful business, but the fickle consumer world is not always easy to please. A series of guidelines has just been published, bringing...

Getting upgraded: newly improved guidelines for testing machine-readable passports just out

24. July 2018 - 9:56
Passports have come a long way since the days of clunky hand-written books and long(er) immigration queues. These days, the technology is as slick as the security is strict. Ensuring machine-readable passports...