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Steve Jobs was listening even when he was screaming

News from India - 25. March 2015 - 7:46
Exactly how big a jerk was Steve Jobs, and what does this teach us about management?

Why Silicon Valley has a big crush on Wall Street

News from India - 25. March 2015 - 6:39
Boards of tech companies are stocked with former Wall Street elders who can help them develop strategy and forge important business connections

The truth about cricket

News from India - 25. March 2015 - 6:27
Economist Surjit Bhalla has been using statistical and econometric models to analyse cricket for decades. The results are fascinating

IISD/ENB @ 3rd Session of International Negotiations on the Post-2015 Development Agenda | 24 March 2015 | New York, US | IISD Reporting Services

News from IISD - 25. March 2015 - 5:24
On Tuesday, 24 March 2015, IISD Reporting Services, through its Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB), covered the Third Intergovernmental Negotiation on the Post-2015 Development Agenda, which runs from 23 to 27 March 2015, from UN headquarters, New York, US

Critical conference maintains global momentum to curb wildlife crime

News from WWF - 25. March 2015 - 1:00
Kasane, Botswana – Heads of State, ministers and officials from 31 governments meeting today in Kasane reaffirmed their determination to scale up their response to the global poaching crisis, and adopted crucial new measures to help tackle the unprecedented surge in illegal wildlife trade.

During the one-day meeting, governments reported on their progress since the London Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade in February last year, when 41 countries and the EU agreed to take urgent and decisive action to combat wildlife crime, which threatens national security and sustainable development as well as populations of iconic species, such as elephants, rhinos and tigers.

Key successes in the past year include increased levels of law enforcement action, especially in Africa, which have led to a rise in ivory seizures, while some countries have started to improve their domestic wildlife-related legislation. Last month, 13 tiger range countries in Asia committed to a zero poaching framework and toolkit, which could be used as a blueprint for curbing poaching worldwide.

"World governments demonstrated here in Kasane how they are turning the commitments in the London Declaration into tangible actions on the ground and strengthening their resolve to see the job through," said Steven Broad, Executive Director of TRAFFIC.

The Kasane Statement builds upon the commitments in the London Declaration to eradicate the market for wildlife products, ensure effective legal frameworks and deterrents against wildlife crime, strengthen law enforcement, and support sustainable livelihoods.

Countries adopted a number of additional measures, including focusing on tackling money laundering and other financial aspects of wildlife crime.

"The commitment to follow the money is a huge, innovative step that provides a mechanism to bring down the trafficking kingpins by hitting them where it hurts – in their pockets. It should also help to stamp out the corruption that so often undermines enforcement actions," said Broad.

The Statement calls for the engagement of relevant community groups and the appropriate retention of benefits from wildlife resources by local people. Participants also agreed to engage further with the private sector, including logistics and transport companies, which are uniquely placed to stem the flow of illicit wildlife products but often find themselves an inadvertent vector for wildlife trafficking.

At the consumer end of the trade chain, extra impetus will be injected into understanding the motivations and behaviour of users of illegal wildlife products.

"Wildlife criminals have been reaping big profits for very little risk for too many years but the commitments agreed to in London and now Kasane could change the game by drastically increasing the risks for traffickers while also reducing their rewards," said Carlos Drews, WWF Director Global Species Programme. "The Kasane Statement also provides important backing for an ambitious United Nations General Assembly resolution on wildlife crime, which would raise the stakes even higher and encourage a more concerted global drive against transnational organized crime."

A strong UNGA resolution would be the ideal mechanism to monitor and report on the implementation of the commitments made in London and Kasane, which will be vital to the long-term success of global efforts to reduce the illegal wildlife trade.

"It's a year since London and while the tide is slowly turning against wildlife criminals, more effort is urgently needed because poaching levels are still far too high," said Drews. "Important progress has been made but the war against illegal wildlife trade will only be won if governments continue scaling up their efforts and working together to turn these commitments into concrete results." 

Victory for free speech

News from India - 24. March 2015 - 19:40
The Supreme Court has done well to strike down the controversial Section 66A of the IT Act

Lord Stern: development and climate finance should not be separated

New from UNFCCC - 24. March 2015 - 15:59
Source: Blue & Green Tomorrow - Lord Nicholas Stern has argued that government should not consider development and climate finance to developing countries as separate issues because they are interconnected in a new policy paper.

US museums asked to sever ties with fossil fuel industry

New from UNFCCC - 24. March 2015 - 15:59
Source: Guardian - Scientists and cultural figures call on science and art museums to ditch corporate sponsorships from fossil fuel companies

UN chief stresses need to mitigate climate change patterns

New from UNFCCC - 24. March 2015 - 15:59
Source: New Kerala - With extreme weather and changing climatic patterns taking a heavier toll on the planet, mitigating and adapting to them remains "among the great tests of our time,"Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said on Monday

Global warming is now slowing down the circulation of the oceans — with potentially dire consequences

New from UNFCCC - 24. March 2015 - 15:59
Source: Washington Post - Welcome to this week’s installment of “Don’t Mess with Geophysics.” Last week, we learned about the possible destabilization of the Totten Glacier of East Antarctica, which could unleash over 11 feet of sea level rise in coming centuries.

Live Earth Revived: All Roads Lead to Paris

New from UNFCCC - 24. March 2015 - 15:59
Source: Huffington Post - The exciting yearlong build up to the UN climate negotiations this December has just got better with the announcement of Live Earth - Road to Paris

Greenhouse gas emissions: Who’s responsible for climate policy in Canada?

New from UNFCCC - 24. March 2015 - 15:59
Source: Globe and Mail - As Canada gears up for the UN climate summit in December, federal and provincial governments are laying out their agendas. Meanwhile, neither the provinces nor Ottawa are on track to meet their own targets

Insurance industry demands 'ambitious, meaningful' global climate deal

New from UNFCCC - 24. March 2015 - 15:59
Source: BusinessGreen - The UK's insurance industry will today join with green groups and academics to call on world leaders to sign an ambitious global deal on tackling climate change at a major summit in Paris later this year.

Experts pitch for fossil fuels to drive growth in India

New from UNFCCC - 24. March 2015 - 15:59
Source: Financial Express - Ahead of a crucial climate meet in Paris later this year, energy experts here today advocated growth powered by fossil fuels for ending poverty in India as they said the country accounts for very low per-capita carbon emissions as compared to the developed nations.

Norwegian parliament votes on new climate change law

New from UNFCCC - 24. March 2015 - 15:59
Source: RTCC - Norway’s parliament will tomorrow vote on plans to create the country’s first flagship climate change law by the summer of 2017

Countries reveal progress on 2020 forest restoration challenge

New from UNFCCC - 24. March 2015 - 15:59
Source: RTCC - Ethiopia, US and Mexico among countries pledging action at Bonn meeting to cut carbon emissions and create jobs

Pakistan: A once dangerous idea

News from India - 24. March 2015 - 13:28
Religious imagination is so fundamentally at a remove from nationalist imagination that mixing the two is meaningless

How much land does a nation need?

News from India - 24. March 2015 - 13:09
The problem of land acquisition needs to be recast as the problem of efficient utilization of land

Ending India’s housing squeeze

News from India - 24. March 2015 - 13:09
Building new houses alone cannot solve the housing crisis

IISD/ENB @ Marine Plastic Waste and the Circular Economy: Building Long-term Solutions to Immediate Challenges | 18 March 2015 | Washington, DC, US | IISD Reporting Services

News from IISD - 24. March 2015 - 11:25
IISD Reporting Services, through its Global Ocean Commission Bulletin, covered the Marine Plastic Waste and the Circular Economy: Building Long-term Solutions to Immediate Challenges, on Wednesday, 18 March 2015, from Washington, DC, US


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